Friends, fans, and fam,

All Star Opera is back, and bigger than ever.  Our new EP, Shifting States, comes out November 10th and we are thrilled to share new music with you.  We have been keeping a low profile for some time, plotting and scheming on how to make our next move – our best move yet.

It’s been two years since we put out our last project.  In that time, All Star Opera has grown immensely; both in size, and in understanding of where we want to go with our sound.  We are proud to announce that we have permanently transitioned from a 2 MC + DJ/Producer trio to an all instrument toting, 6 person live band. Our new EP is just a glimpse of what is ahead for us...

Shifting States originated as a bunch of filthy beats produced by one of Seattle’s best-kept musical secrets, our dear friend and primary producer of the new record, Crispy.

As the project was growing, so was ASO.  We realized that we were headed in a new direction that incorporated much more of a natural live feel.  However, we had all these sweet songs in the works with Crispy, and we didn’t want them to go to waste.  By putting our 6 heads together, we figured out how to bridge the gap of the past, present, and future of All Star Opera.

On this new project you’ll hear live instrumentation sprinkled throughout each song by one or more members of the band.  Furthermore, you’ll hear ASO emcees Oz, and Flow Carter diving deeper into the inkwells.  All of which segues to what can be expected from All Star Opera’s future records.   

To us, this is Bohemian Hip-Hop – a sound that refuses to follow the status quo – the love child of our passion for hip-hop and the ideals and vision of our crew.

Life is constantly in motion, changing and rearranging.  For us, the roots of All Star Opera remain, but the branches and leaves have grown. 

Shifting States marks the beginning of our new growth.

Peace & Love,

Flow, Keith, Oz, Seth, Tylee, and Will